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In contexts where violence against women is permitted or condoned, it is always exacerbated as a result of unstable working conditions, unemployment, financial insecurity and the resulting difficulty of providing household necessities.

Conflict intensifies in situations of acute poverty. The UN has recognised that conditions of underdevelopment, poverty, and poor housing produce stress crucible character analysis abigail williams essay result in high levels of domestic violence Connors, Violence is unacceptable, whether it is perpetrated in pursuit of wealth, on sporting field, in the help on dissertation youth crime, or inside the family Morris, According to Marxist analysis, deteriorating economic conditions and decreased help on dissertation banking support are responsible for undermining the family.

A study by Fuchs and Reglissuggests that when economic growth has slowed down, government expenditure on family welfare has risen, thereby mitigating to a degree at least, the economic impact on families. What is clear is that income generation cannot in itself be assumed to reduce violence. Not all men who are poor are violent and not all violent men are poor.

Therefore, more research is needed to find out why increased economic hardship may lead in some instances, to great co-operation between household members and in others, to help on dissertation zora neale hurston conflict and violence.

This section summarizes some of the similarities of the impact of domestic violence on children in the UK and Kenya. When talking about the impact of domestic violence on children, we are considering the effects on children living in a home where spousal abuse is occurring. It has to be recognised that there is no uniform response to living with domestic violence. It is, therefore, important to find out exactly what each child has experienced in order to gain some understanding of what the possible impact of these experience might be, rather than to think in terms of a simple checklist of indicators.

Even so, it can be hard to discern the specific impact of living with domestic violence on children, especially as some of the resulting behaviours also occur in children experiencing other forms of abuse or neglect Hester, These problems can be grouped into three main categories examining effects of recent witnessing. Cognitive functioning and attitudes: A study by Westra and Martinhave measured the association between cognitive development problems and witnessing domestic violence.

This can include seeing or hearing the ill-treatment of others. Children who witness violence at home display emotional and behavioural disturbances as diverse as withdrawal, low self -esteem, sleep disorders insomnia, nightmares, bedwettingself blame and aggression against peer, family members and property Peled at al, Many develop physical symptoms including frequent colds, headaches, or upset stomachs. In addition, a child may perform less well at school and become extremely protective or dependent of their mothers and worry about their own safety second or not at all Bradley, The parent-child relationship roles are reversed as children assume the physical and emotional care of their parent and younger siblings.

This is frequently exacerbated as domestic violence impact on family functioning, housing, income, and social intergration. Parents may experience difficulty in controlling their emotions and severe mood swings can frighten children and leave them feeling uncertain, anxious and over vigilant Cleaver et al, Children from homes with help on dissertation globalization violence, typically suffer guilt, feeling that something is wrong with them or that they are responsible for the violence.

They also struggle with conflicting emotions and are often very confused about how they could love and hate a person at the same time ref. These feelings of helplessness and confusion often lead children to attempt a copying strategy of denying that the violence is occurring.

These children may be able to express their feelings only through play, art and writing. School-aged children are likely to understand more about the intentions behind an act of violence. School-aged children who witness domestic violence often show a greater frequency of externalizing aggressive, delinquent and internalizing withdrawn, anxious behaviour problems in comparison to children from nonviolent families Ref. Another aspect of the effects on children is their own use of violence.

Imitation and modelling appear to play significant roles in this process. This may be particularly so for children who are presenting with emotional or behavioural difficulties Hester et al, Domestic violence episodes can begin or escalate during pregnancy. Domestic violence can pose a threat to an unborn child renbecause assaults on pregnant women frequently involve punches or kicks directed to the abdomen, risking injury to both mother and unborn child ren.

Although very young children may be partially protected from exposure to a traumatic incident because they do not fully appreciate the potential danger Drell et al, ; Pynoos,it is important that we do not ignore or de-emphasize their reactions to violence. Living with domestic violence can also directly affect Infants and toddlers, with negative developmental, social emotional and behavioural consequences, excessive irritability, immature behaviour, sleep disturbances, fears of being alone and regression in toileting and language Buchanan, Ericksonheld that the development of trust is the initial step in forming healthy relationships.

Help on dissertation james bond this first psychosocial stage of trust building is successfully resolved, the infant will learn to trust others, which will then help with later relationship building. Mistrust in contrast, can result from a single trauma or from chronic environmental stress. For far too many children, those very relationships on which the development of trust and trusting relationships are built may be limited or changeable.

Preschool children may develop enuresis and speech disfluencies such as stuttering. Young children do not have the ability to adequately express their feelings verbally. Consequently, the manifestation of these emotions is often behavioural.

Children become withdrawn, non-verbal, and exhibit dissertation photo behaviours such as clinging and whining.

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As they grow, children in the UK who are exposed to violence may continue to show signs of problems. School-age children may have more trouble with school work, and show poor concentration and focus. Help on dissertation domestic violence studies suggest social development is also damaged.

The aggression children have witnessed also affects their relationships with other children. As Bancroft and Silverman states, their perspective on relationships is so skewed that they have no idea how to share or cooperate and others lose their ability to feel empathy for others. Others feel socially isolated, unable to make friends as easily due to social discomfort or confusion over what is acceptable.

In Kenya, more than half of the school-age children in domestic violence shelters show clinical levels of anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. These children are at risk for delinquency, substance abuse, school drop-out, and difficulties in their own relationships Graham. Children who witness violence early in life may view the world as unpredictable, possibly dangerous or chaotic. The basic attachment of the child high school writing assignments the adult is at risk.

This early relationship development is profound and life-lasting Ref Dysfunctional-violent families where interparental abuse occurs, also tend to represent failures of secure attachment, and increased risk of direct physical and emotional abuse of the child Geffner et al, For adolescents, particularly those who have experienced violence exposure throughout their lives, high levels of aggression and acting out are common, accompanied by anxiety, behaviour problems, truancy, and revenge seeking.

Although some adolescents who witness domestic violence may be able to overcome the experience, many others suffer considerable scars. Some report giving up hope, expecting that they may not live through adolescence or early childhood.

They may become deadened to feelings and pain, with resultant constrictions in emotional development. Or they may attach themselves to peer groups and gangs as substitute family and incorporate violence as a method of dealing with disputes or frustration Parson, Literature from Kenya suggests that adolescents have greater ability to externalise negative emotions since they verbalize.

They exhibit sleep problems, eating disturbances and nightmares. They also show a loss of interest in social activities, low self-concept, help on dissertation james bond or avoidance of peer relations, rebelliousness and oppositional-defiant behaviour in the school setting. It is also common to observe temper tantrums, irritability, frequent fighting at school or between siblings, lashing out at objects, treating pets cruelly or abusively, threatening of peers or siblings with violence.

Living with domestic violence can take a lasting toll on children. Nationwide, it is estimated that between 3. The long term implications of childhood exposure to domestic violence are substantial. Children learn from witnessing violence in their homes, and what they learn may become precursors of later violent adolescent and adult behaviours. Thus, children may come to view violence as an acceptable way, perhaps the only way to resolve conflicts and they may learn to rationalize the use of violence-they know nothing else.

Many researchers in Kenya have found a connection between witnessing violence in childhood and using violence as an adult. A study by Onyango and Kattamboshowed that boys help on dissertation james bond had seen their fathers attack their mothers were three times as likely to become batterers as boys raised in non violent homes. In contrast, ref states that witnessing violence is not sex specific and that, children who witnessed either parent hitting the other became more violent regardless of their gender.

Moreover, the risk of domestic violence for women is nearly doubled if there are children present in the household Krug et al, Similar with the UK, children of battered mothers in Kenya have high rates of emotional problems like depression and sometimes show delays in learning.

It is extremely important that recognition is made of the ongoing controlling behaviour that children and women are subjected to as part of their everyday life.

This is particularly so when children may not, in fact, witness the direct physical assaults on their mother but will be very aware of other forms of abuse Hanmer et al, Children must hear it re-affirmed that domestic violence is wrong.

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They have to see alternative role models in order to grow up with a positive idea o f the future. School-based programmes can reduce aggression and violence by helping children to develop positive attitudes and values, and a broader range of skills to avoid violent behaviour UNICEF, There are numerous potential lessons for children who grow up in families in which there is family violence. First, they may learn that it is acceptable to be abusive and that violence is an effective way to get what you want.

Children may learn that violence is sometimes justified -particularly when you are angry at someone. They also learn about the traditional power imbalances between men and women Beckett, Children who bully move through adolescence into help on dissertation jane eyre, they will be at risk for committing other forms of abuse such as sexual harassment, family violence, child abuse.

The psychological effects can be even more difficult to deal with help on dissertation james bond physical injury, partly because they are so hidden and therefore difficult to manifest. A systems approach that focuses not only on the child but all the interlocking layers that link the child and society has offered a useful theoretical framework for understanding the effects of violence on children.

This approach is also useful in informing us of the prevention and intervention strategies aimed at addressing the problem in this chapter Osofsky, Children who are exposed to violence in the home are denied their right to a safe and stable home environment. Many are suffering silently with little support. Children who are exposed to violence in the home need trusted adults to turn to for help and comfort, and services that will help them to cope with their experiences.

Far more must be done to protect these children and to prevent domestic violence from happening in the first place. Children must have places to go that are safe and supportive, whether it be with extended family or at a domestic violence shelter.

Studies suggest that providing interventions to abused mothers can also have benefits to children, especially where these efforts take into account the specific needs of children. Children who are exposed to violence in the home need to know that things can change and that violence in the home can end.

Children need hope for the future. Public education and awareness-raising campaigns on domestic violence should focus more on the impact on children and specific ways to address this hidden problem. Governments and other public institutions should speak out about the impact of violence in the home on children UNICEF, Domestic violence requires changing attitudes that permit such abuse, developing legal and policy framework to prohibit and reject it.

Often, domestic violence is under-reported due to fear and feelings of shame. By its nature domestic violence is often hidden from public view, and opportunities for intervention depend largely on victims telling others about their experiences Veneman, Domestic violence is a health, legal, economic, educational, developmental and human rights problem. Strategies should be help on dissertation domestic violence to operate across a broad range of areas depending upon the context in which they are delivered UNICEF, In Kenya, individuals and community-level institutions can potentially play a crucial role in intervening to stop violent events.

However, even when the commitment to support survivors is there, the ability of friends and relatives to do so will vary according to many factors, such as the proximity of parents and friends, and the legitimacy of offering assistance. Dare essay examples who support their relatives or friends against violence may be faced with serious reprisals, including violence directed at them. Further, with the limited understanding of societal responses and the extent and nature of survivors needs, interventions are not well understood in Kenya, are sporadic and therefore often un-coordinated Maternowska et.

In the last few years, many positive steps have been taken to combat domestic violence. Compared to the status of the fight to eliminate domestic violence just ten years ago, great strides have been made. Unfortunately, due to the tremendous amount of work that still exists, those positive steps have sometimes been overlooked Subrata, An obvious result of the lack of resources in Kenya is an inability to afford the kinds of extensive services now available to domestic violence in United Kingdom.

However, psychological services are rarely available, and where they are, they are beyond the means of most women.

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By further understanding the nature of abuse in this context, service providers are able to more effectively provide the type of services needed by Asian women. Domestic violence research in the Asian population is still in its infancy. Considering that fact that domestic violence has not been intended to for so long provides a time frame that suggests that although there is not an abundance of work toward attending to Asian victims, there have been some concrete efforts in its progression.

Delving into the intricacies of domestic violence within this population is no easy task, and will not be going forward. A woman is not only betraying her husband if she discloses abuse, but she is also shaming both her in-laws and her family of origin help on dissertation youth crime disturbing the family structure and name.

Although some parents would provide their support in a situation such as this, most would not. Therefore, the victim knows she has nowhere to go.

Not help on dissertation domestic violence is family name at stake. Compounding this pressure is the fact that women are not highly regarded within most Asian cultures. Therefore, no one considers her desires and needs. Instead, she must does she is commanded, which usually involves fulfilling caretaking responsibilities for other members of the family.

A woman in Asian society is considered similarly as a child. She does not have many skills that would be useful other than household responsibilities, she must be watched, and she is not knowledgeable about many subjects. Based on this outlook, how is it possible to fathom that she may need to be attended to properly? For any social change to occur towards the treatment of Asian women, it is a necessity that views of women themselves also change. In speaking of women who suffer from spousal abuse, it is vital to discuss the effects of abuse of others in the home that are also experiencing the abuse.

Children are particularly susceptible to inaccurate methods of dealing with life circumstances due to inexperience. Further, children of abused women do not have high regard for their mothers due to their observation that she is being mistreated by their father.

Thus, they too learn to become abusive toward their mothers, and in turn continue to repeat the cycle of abuse. In essence, they inherit this devastating method of dealing with life throughout childhood and on into adulthood. Intervention is absolutely necessary to protect abused women. Help on dissertation jane eyre, for long-term gain, intervention is also essential. Without an outlook toward the future, there will be no end to violence, but instead only help on dissertation youth crime of pain and suffering that has already occurred.

There is no guarantee that prevention work will decrease the prevalence of domestic violence in Asian families, particularly due to strong views opposing the idea of help phd proposal women equally. However, there is great possibility that given time, views will change and progress will be made. It is a difficult yet courageous and commendable feat to attempt to eradicate abuse from the lives of Asian women.

However, as seen within this research, the reality currently remains that leaving relationship may not appear to be the most appealing option for women who have received life-long training to dedicate their lives to servitude to their spouses. Additionally, they also know that there are few positive alternatives to leaving their spouse. They may be destitute with no support from their families of origin. They have no source of financial or emotional support.

They may risk ever seeing their children again. And most regrettably, they are endangering their lives by attempting to leave. Thousands of cases are reported in the United States and United Kingdom stating that women have lost their lives to spousal abuse.

In these countries, most people agree that thesis a horrible tragedy and work toward changing the occurrence of such heinous crimes. Alternatively, Asian communities have very high tolerance and indeed acceptance of domestic violence to the extent that very few people openly show their disgust against it.

In fact, it is encouraged and applauded. It is seen as being a well-deserved and appropriate punishment. Adwoman can be openly beaten without neither family nor strangers attempting to put an end to it. How then can it be stopped? Ending an evil such as this without a sense of social responsibility is extremely difficult.

Further, work with abusers is nearly impossible, knowing that this method of relating to partners has been cultivated and accepted in the minds of Asian men. Moreover, because the Asian community believes in resolving familial issues amongst each other, many abusers would not be receptive to counselling.

Even in the case that an abuser agreed to seek counselling, other family members may not be supportive of this type of resolution, instead viewing help on dissertation youth unemployment as disloyalty and abandonment of the family. Due to the abundance of obstacles to ending violence in the Asian community, it becomes clear help on dissertation banking abuse toward women within the Asian population will surely be maintained for now.

However, it is also hopeful to state that progress will be made, based on the progress that has already been achieved. Although progress is very slow and despite the many fears that they are contending with, it is encouraging to know that women have begun speaking out against abuse. BBC Asian Network Asian women and domestic violence. Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

How, C. An analysis of domestic violence in Asian American communities: A multicultural approach to counselling. Hosted, G. Kahlo, L. Social values and social change: Adaptation to life in America. New York: Pager. McLaughlin, L. Health and Social Work. Millender, A. Yoshioka, M. Domestic Violence and Asian Immigrant Women. This thesis describes how, and to what extent children themselves benefit, providing a unique perspective regarding the nature scope and adequacy of domestic violence services and the outcomes for children.

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