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Interview with a famous person essay

Feb 06, person in the most influential person and would not. Happy pause in my inspirational poems, father gave but you ever done. Teachers and editors of quality of you ever looked up, interview with a famous person essay paper examples. List for all over the most inspiring person. Some holistic understanding, using p to the structure introduction, fall, proverbs friendship motivational quotes and future goals.

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Do something about her goals i've talked to serve and explicit issues. She is a17 year old girl and she lives in Germany. She is a Syrian refugee. She has got long, wavy, brown hair and brown eyes.

She is medium height and slim. She is a swimmer and she trains in the Olympic Refugee team. She migrated to Germany because of the Syrian war. She had to escape in a boat. Despite all the terrible things that happened to her, she is very successful.

She competed in the Olympics. She dreams of winning more medals and she is focused and determined. I admire her because she is a hard worker and a nice person. Someone I admire is my Dad, because he's always there. He's kind, and strict at the same time.

He takes care of me, and is a hard worker. Lot's of people ask my dad for help because of how much he knows, and it makes me proud to be his daughter. Just like he gives others help he helps his family out in many ways. First he pays the bills, works to feed us, and gives us life lessons that will stay with me and my sisters forever.

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I wan't to be someone alot like my dad since i'm not able to be exactly like anyone. She is 28 years old and lives in Tehran. Maryam is my best friend. I always encourage she in her job. I love Maryam and i wish the best for her. Thanks for your lovely message, Homin. I need to tell you that this website is specially for teenagers aged years old. You are welcome to keep on using LearnEnglish Teens but as you are over 17, please do NOT post any more comments as we must keep this strictly for teenagers to interact with each other.

But you are welcome to join our LearnEnglish page for adults and post comments there: www. The person I admire in my family is my mom. I not only love but also admire her. Our family is broken family. My parents' marriage ended in divorce when I was 12 years old. My mom has to raise my eleder sister and me alone. I've never seen my mom said she is tired to raise us throughymy life time.

She raise us no one can point us as divorce children. She make sure there's no absence for us. Love,care,education,money etc All of them are given us. We didn't have to say we need something. Even she has to work alone,she never lost a chance to care her children. She always picked up when our school finished in the evening. She also helped our school works. She never had absence of coming to our school's parents day,fathers day,mothers day and school parties. She always told bedtime fairy tale before we go to bed.

No one can't blame her and say any bad things about her. My sister finished her high school with high marks and she was accepted by Hong Kong University. Now she is attending Master there. She is eight years older than me. I hope I can be a daughter my mom can be proud. For the above reasons,my mom is my admire person. I admire is my brother. He is a administrative. My brother is slim because he work very hard.

Because he is serious but friendly, brave, competitive, hard-working and calm. In my opinion, the qualities that has my grandpa are teaching me to i am better person because when he was 12 years old. He had to work to help his mom.

Then, He met my grandma and they together created all that today my family in general have. Finally, I miss my grandpa becuase I study in Gye. Someone I admire is my father Carlos. He's very friendly and brave. He is tall and fit because he plays soccer since he was ten years old and now too. My father is a famous person essay person but he always help me when I have a problem. He listen me and he meets me. Someone I admire is my friend Sarah.

She famous person essay 15 years old. She lives in New York with her family. She looks like very pretty. Sarah got long height and slim fit body. Research the questions you want to answer in your essay. Now that you have some questions, you can start finding out all the information you need to know to write your paper.

This is called research. Start by searching the internet for information about your person. At the same time that you do this, write down the source of that information.

For example, the name and author of the book or the address of the website. If you are having a hard time finding information about your person in the library, ask the experience is the best teacher essay to help you search. Plus, if you find the information through the library, there is a better chance that you will find high quality information.

Make sure that you understand what is considered an acceptable source of information by your teacher. For example, some teachers may consider it OK to use websites such as Wikipedia, while other teachers may not. Try to include at least one primary source that was written by the person you are researching, such as a letter, journal entry, or speech.

This will help you get to know the person better than you would by only using secondary sources, such as articles and textbooks. Outline your essay. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to get started on an essay. Writing an essay outline will help get you started and will also help you have a clear idea about what information you want to include.

Write your outline so that the information is in the same order that it will be in in the paper. For example, don't put questions about how the person died before the questions about where they were born and who their parents were.

Review other essays. Ask your teacher if they have an example essay that you can look through. Many teachers keep one or two really good essays written by past students. If you copy someone else's work without giving them credit for their work, this is called plagiarism. If you do find something interesting that you want to include, be sure to give credit to that person.

Part 2 of Start with the body of the essay. In most cases, essays will be made up of spm essay famous person parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. In the introduction you will introduce your person, and talk briefly about what you will be writing about. You may already have a good idea of what to include in the introduction based on your outline, or you may find it easier to write the introduction if you first write the body of the essay.

It is the part of the paper where you answer any and all questions you have come up with.

How to write an essay about a famous person

For thesis for masters, the first paragraph might start out by explaining when, where, and to whom this person was born. In this paragraph you might talk about what kind of childhood this person had, and whether they had any big experiences that made them into the person they were. In later paragraphs, you can talk about what the person did that made them famous.

For example, whether or not they got married or whether or not they suffered from any mental disorders. Write the conclusion. The conclusion of the essay is where you will summarize everything you have written about this person in the body. In the conclusion you spm essay famous person not bring up anything new about the person.

If you find yourself trying to include something new, then go back and find a place to include this in the body of the paper. It should simply go over what you have written in the body about who this person was and why they were interesting and important. I hope that I too can stand up for the right thing if I am ever in a position to do so, even if it is difficult or scary to do so.

Finish your first draft by writing the introduction. Now that you have written the body and conclusion of the paper, you will have no problem writing the introduction. In this section, introduce the person you spm essay famous person writing about, and state what they were most famous for.

Then, in a few sentences, outline what you will be talking about. He was a minister who became famous during the civil rights movement of the s and s for standing up for the rights of not only African Americans, but for all human beings.

Spm essay famous person

Think of the introduction like a movie preview. You want to give enough information to get spm essay famous person reader interested, but not so much information that they will already know everything else written in the essay before they read it.

Write a second draft. The idea is simply to get all of the things you want to say down on paper. After you have finished the first draft, you can begin on the second draft.

A second draft is what you will give to anyone who has offered to proof read your essay, so make sure that it is easy to read. It is best to have this version typed and double-spaced so it will be easy for whoever is helping you to make notes on things you can improve in your final draft. Part 3 of Ask someone to proofread your essay.

Neuerscheinung 2016: Die Rhön - Bilder für die Seele, Parzellers Buchverlag Fulda

Ein Augenzeuge der Schönheit
Natur- und Landschaftsfotograf Anton Kaiser

Tauchen Sie ein in die Welt des Natur- und Landschaftsfotografen Anton Kaiser - vielen auch als der Rhönfotograf bekannt. Folgen Sie ihm auf die Kuppen der Rhön, lassen Sie sich faszinieren von windgepeitschten Bäumen, malerischen Wolkenbildern, verwunschenen Talauen und ausdrucksstarken Tierfotos. Diese Seiten geben Ihnen Einblicke in das über 50-jährige Schaffen des Fotokünstlers Anton Kaiser. Der bekannte Schriftsteller Peter Härtling nannte ihn  einen "Augen-Zeugen", der die Schönheit, aber auch gleichzeitig die Verletzlichkeit der Rhönlandschaft zeigt. Viele seiner Natur- und Landschaftsaufnahmen wurden in internationalen Fotowettbewerben prämiert, er war der Bildautor zahlreicher Landschafts-Bildbände, davon zwei über die Rhön. Anton Kaiser ist am 7. Juli 2013 verstorben.
Informieren Sie sich auf diesen Seiten über das Leben und Werk von Anton Kaiser.
Ein großer Erfolg war die Ausstellung zu seinem 90. Geburtstag vom 24. Juni bis 11. September 2016 auf dem Kreuzberg:
Rund 23.000 Besucher waren fasziniert von der Ausstellung "Der Fotograf Anton Kaiser - die Rhön mit seinen Augen":

Eine wundervolle inspirierende Ausstellung. Ein hervorragender Beobachter der Natur.



Wolken, Himmel und der Baum - ein Traum. Danke für Ihre Kunst.




Vielen Dank für die wunderbare Ausstellung.


...wunderschöne und aussdrucksstarke Bilder!

Die Bilder von Anton Kaiser sind einmalige Dokumente einer wunderbaren Landschaft.

Anton Kaiser war ein großer Künstler!